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Hypothesis testing with alpha level of 0.01

A supervisor and production specialist for a company wants to be sure that the 16 oz. can of worms it sells contains 16 ounces. The volume of the can doesn't allow for very much overfilling. A random sample of 49 cans of worms shows a sample mean of 15.1 ounces with a standard deviation of 0.2 ounces. Should production be stopped because the cans are not filled correctly? Use an alpha level of 0.01 for your test.

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step 1 - null and alternative hypothesis

Null hypothesis - the size of the can is 16 oz
Alternative hypothesis - the size of the can is less then 16 oz

Set up the information:

Sample size - 49
Standard deviation - 0.2
Alpha - 0.01

Now we should calculate ...

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This solution uses a t-test for an hypothesis test with an alpha level of 0.01 to test for significance.