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Hypothesis Testing

Directions: Test the following hypotheses using the Traditional Method. You must show all the steps involved and the final statement must be phrased appropriately for the problem.

A sports-shoe manufacturer claims that joggers who wear its brand of shoe will jog faster than those who don't. A sample of eight joggers is taken, and they agree to test the claim on a 1-mile track. The rates (in minutes) of the joggers while wearing the manufacturer's shoe and while wearing any other brand of shoe are shown here. Test the claim at a 2.5% level of significance.
Runner 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Mfg brand 8.2 6.3 9.2 8.6 6.8 8.7 8.0 6.9
Other brand 7.1 6.8 9.8 8.0 5.8 8.0 7.4 8.0

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