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Baseline BMI values and 12month BMI values - Hypothesis Test

Consider the Baseline BMI values and the 12-month BMI values in the treatment group in the Excel data set. Investigators are interested in: "Did the intervention have an effect on BMI in the treatment group? Is the average BMI before treatment equal to the average BMI after treatment?"

Using the data provided in the Excel data set, test whether the average of the baseline BMI is equal to the average 12- month BMI value in the 30 participants in the treatment group by answering the following questions:

a)What assumptions are necessary in order to perform the statistical test you will use?

b)State the null and alternative hypotheses in words and in symbols.

c)Calculate an appropriate test statistic and compute the p-value for that test statistic.

d) Interpret the p-value so that anyone reading your finding could understand the meaning of that p-value. Was the treatment effective?


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