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Hypothesis Testing - Highschool Smoking

2) In 1999 the Center of Disease Control estimated that about 34.8% of high-school students smoked cigarettes. They established a national health goal of reducing that figure to 16% by the year 2010. To that end, they hoped to achieve a reduction to 30% by the end of 2001. Early in 2002 they released a research study in which only 28.5% of a random sample of 10,204 high-school student said they were current smokers. Is this evidence that progress toward the goal is on track?

a. write appropriate hypotheses
b. verify that the appropriate assumptions are satisfied
c. find the P-value of this test
d. explain what the p-value means in this context
e. state an appropriate conclusion
f. if an error was committed, which type of error was committed


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This solution is provided in approximately 294 words in an attached .doc file. It goes through each step of hypothesis testing, and computes the z-statistic as well as finds the p-value and briefly describes what the conclusion and error was.