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3 Statistics Problems

1. Which hypothesis testing model would be used under each of the following conditions. Use the "model number" from my handout if you wish. By line the information given in each cell is: Level of measurement, number of groups, sample size to be taken, parameter of interest and any qualifications.
[Please refer to the attachment for the Table].

2. Prove that a population mean is not equal to 150. Use an alpha of 5% and set up the full, detailed, five step hypothesis test. Assume when the sample 201 is taken the sample mean is 151.77 and the sample standard deviation is 10.
Use full 5-step formal hypothesis testing structure.
Estimate the p value?

3. Test to see if four population means are the same or different. Assume the populations are normally distributed and have equal variances. Use the formal hypothesis-testing model. State the conclusion in statistical terms and in conversational English. Use the ANOVA table below. Determine what the F-critical value is using an alpha of 5%.
[Please refer to the attachment for the Table].


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