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Conducting Baseline Analysis

Data was collected from a random sample of eight men and 10 women currently undergoing treatment for hypertension. Each person reported the number of cigarettes smoked each day and each was assigned a numerical value representing their risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The risk assessment was a number from 0 - 100 and was based on blood pressure, cholesterol level, exercise status and other factors.

#cig 0 3 6 0 12 20 8 4
CVD 12 25 50 10 70 80 60 60

#cig 0 0 4 10 8 12 15 12 4 2
CVD 20 10 25 50 40 90 75 60 10 20

Using excel or by hand give a baseline analysis: First analyze the groups individually in terms of # cigarettes smoked each day as well as CVD. The compare the two groups (Men and Women) to see if there is a difference between the average # of cigarettes smoked per day, or a difference between CVD between the two groups. How correlated is cigarette smoking and CVD for the groups individually? If you are told the number of cigarettes a woman smokes per day, can you estimate the CVD score? How certain are you of the information? Would you be more comfortable in predictions regarding men? Explain your answers briefly - no more than two paragraphs, and attach the appropriate computations.

Imagine that you, a medical researcher, need to present this information in a nice compact form for the CEO of Guetti Corporation who may give you a grant to continue your research. The data above represents baseline data. Invent an experiment, either longitudinal or a snapshot study, and describe the appropriate statistical test you would need to do to investigate whatever it is you propose. No more than two paragraphs, please

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