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Hypothesis Test

The breaking strengths of cables have a mean of 1825 lbs and a standard deviation of 65 lbs. The company claims that there is an improvement in breaking strength. To evaluate this claim, 16 cables are randomly chosen and tested -- their mean breaking strength is 1859 lbs. Can we support, at the 0.05 significance level, the claim that the mean breaking strength has increased?

Perform a one-tailed test. Then fill in the table below [see attachment].

There are six short responses required for this hypothesis test worksheet (please see the attached file).


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The company says that the breaking strength is 1825 lbs and that the standard deviation is 65 lbs.

It also claims that the breaking strength has improved. This is the alternative hypothesis: the breaking strength is greater than 1825 (μ > 1825). The null hypothesis is the ...

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