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Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Statistical Analysis

General K. is concerned about sexually transmitted disease (STD) among the troops. In random inspection of 100 soldiers, 31 were found to have a venereal disease. To reduce the incidence, soldiers were shown an educational film on preventing STDs. In a second inspection of 200 soldiers, 43 had STDs. Calculate the following statistics.
Soldiers with STDs
1st Inspection 2nd Inspection
What is the Sample proportion (mean)? 31 43
What is the Standard deviation?
What is the Standard error of the proportion estimate?
What is the Overall standard error ?
What is the t-score?
What do these statistics suggest?

Solution Summary

This solution contains step-by-step calculates the mean, standard deviation, standard error, overall standard error, t-score, and a reflection of what these statistics suggest.