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Descriptive Statistics

1. True or false: The binomial distribution equations will not give exact probabilities
for experiments in which sampling is done without replacement. In those cases, the trials are not truly independent.

2. A pet store stocks Japanese koi fish. The owner of the pet store orders five koi from his supplier. Of the supplier's inventory, 30% of the koi are black and white. If the supplier selects the koi at random, what is the probability that the pet store owner receives two black and white koi of the five he ordered?
Answer: (Round your answer to 3 decimal places as necessary)

3. The failure rate for taking the accrual exam in the state of Montana is 72%. If 375 people take the accrual exam, what is the mean number passing?
Answer: (Round your answer to one decimal place as necessary)

4. A school is sending 11 children to a camp. If 20% of the children in the school arefirst graders, and the 11 children are selected at random, what is the mean and variance of the number of first graders chosen?
A) The mean is 2.2 and the variance is 1.76.
B) The mean is 1.6 and the variance is 2.56.
C) The mean is 8 and the variance is 11.
D) The mean is 3 and the variance is 20.

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