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Annual Cost of Busing Students to School

The Springdale School board has made the decision to close one its junior high schools (seventh and eight grades) at the end of the school year and reassign all of next year's students to one of the three remaining junior high schools. The school district for the closed school has been divided into five areas as shown in the table below. The number of students in each of the five areas attending junior high next year is indicated in the second column. The school district provides busing for all students who must travel more than a mile. Therefore the school board wants a plan for reassigning the students that will minimize the total busing cost. The annual cost per student for busing from each of the five residential areas of the city to each of the three remaining schools is also shown in the table below............

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The solution determines the annual cost of busing students to school in Springdale School Board. Minimizing the total busing cost is analyzed.