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Critical evaluation of an article

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Write a critical evaluation of a research article. Include a brief description of the research article and follow a systematic approach.

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The authors have a large study planned, the focus of which is to explore the effects of culture and gender on self-concept: "This investigation is a major component of a research programme designed to probe the impact of culture and gender on the nature of self-concept using different methodological approaches and samples of children, college students, and adults from different ethnic groups both within and across a wide range of countries."

This particular article describes a part of that larger study - it only looks at college students.

A literature review found that in individualistic/Western countries, people tend to have a rather individualistic self-concept, and in collectivist countries, a person's identity tends to be influenced by the identity of a group. For example, studies have found that people in the USA describe themselves differently than do people in China, India, and Japan.

There also may be gender differences in the formulation of a self-concept, but gender differences are not independent of cultural differences, although the relationship isn't clear:

"Further evidence that gender differences in the nature of self-concept may not be consistent across cultures came from the first two investigations in this research programme. The first used the instrument also utilized in this study to investigate the basis of self-concept of 609 middle-class adults from Lithuania, Hong Kong, and the USA (Watkins, ...

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The solution is a critical evaluation of an article on self-esteem in different types of societies. This solution can be used as an example of an analysis of a research article.

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