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correlation coefficient of two factors causing car accident

The total population of car passengers involved in traffic accidents are classified into six categories: two factors (one with 2 levels and one with 3 levels) crossed. The first factor is: Survivors (X1=0), Fatalities (X1=1). The second factor is: No Belt (X2=0), Adult Belt (X2=1), and Child Seat (X2=2). The proportions are as follow:

X1 = 0 X1 = 1
X2=0 | 0.38 | 0.17
X2=1 | 0.14 | 0.02
X2=2 | 0.24 | 0.05

a) Find E(X1), V(X1), E(X2), and V(X2)
b) Find cov(X1,X2)
c) Find the correlation coefficient between X1 and X2. How would you interpret the result?

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The solution shows how to calculate the covariance and the correlation coefficient of the two factors causing car accident.