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Scatter Plot Correlation and Line of Best Fit: Formulating R

X:2.9 4.2 3.3 4.5 2.6 3.2 3.4
y:5.0 10.0 11.2 10.0 7.9 3.9 5.5

a) Make scatter diagram and draw line that best fits data
b) Is correlation low, moderate or strong? Positive or negative?
C) Verify Ex=24.1 and ex^2=85.75, ey=53.5, and Ey^2=458.31 and EXY=190.18
d) Compute r, as x increases, does the value of r imply that y should tend to increase or decrease? Explain.

I need help with d. How do I develop a formula for r?

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