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Exponential model for network growth

I want you to locate data that can be effectively modeled using an exponential function. Check the scatterplot to be sure that your data is appropriate for an exponential model! Please include the following components:

1. A data table showing your original data, with a reference to the original source of the data. The reference should be reproducible (i.e. if I were to go to the same source, I would find the data.)

2. A brief discussion telling why you chose this particular data set to study. As in discussion two, I am hoping that you will choose data that has some relevance to your life. It may be related to an interest of yours, your job, your future career goal, etc.

3. Use exponential regression on your calculator to find the equation of an exponential model for your data.

4. Use the model to draw some type of conclusion. You may want to predict something about the future. You may also want to make some comments about the range of validity of your model (i.e. when does model breakdown occur?).

5. Discuss the base, b, of your model and tell what it means in real-world terms.

Write a paper using all these details.

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Exponential model for network growth.