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Marginal & Conditional Probabilities

A Survey of top executives revealed that 35 percent of them regularly read Time magazine,
20 percent read Newsweek, and 40 percent read U.S. News and World Report. Ten percent
read both Time and U.S. News and World Report. What is the probability that a particular
top executive reads either Time or U.S. News and World Report regularly?

2. A local bank reports that 80 percent of its customers maintain a checking account, 60
percent have a savings account, and 50 percent have both.
a) If a customer is chosen at random,what is the probability the customer has either a ^
checking or a savings account?
b) What is the probability the customer does not have either a checking or a savings

3. You have a bag that contains the following colors of marbles: 4 blue, 3 red, 2 green, and 1
yellow. What is the probability of drawing each of the following from the bag?
a. 1 blue,1 red, and 1 yellow (without replacement)
b. 1 red and 2 green (without replacement)
c. A green or a yellow marble in a single draw

4. Refer to the contingency table shown below, (a) Calculate each probability (i-iv).

d.P(S and W)

Males Aged 18-24

White smoker =290
Black smokers=30
Total smokers=320
White nonsmoker=560
Black nonsmoker=120
Total nonsmokers=680

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