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effect of politics on curriculum:Chi-square test

Should Statistics Be a Required Course in College?

Yes No

Republican 10 26
Democrat 15 17

1. Cell 1,1 (Yes, Republican) Expected Value =

2. Cell 2,2 (No, Democrat) Expected Value =

Cell 2,1 (No, Republican) Expected value =
Cell 1,2 (Yes, Democrat) Expected value =
3. What is the result of this analysis?
4. What is the tabled value of the Chi Square problem above p < .05?
5. Is the result significant? Was there a significant difference between Republicans and Democrats on this crucial issue?
6. See attachment for question.
7. Is this evidence of a small, medium or large effect of politics on curriculum?
8. See attachment for question.
9. df
10. For a ONE-TAILED TEST with p < .05, what is the Tabled Value, and is the above t statistic significant or not significant?


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