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3811-can u do a chi square analysis on my results?

This is a study i undertook on medical record keeping, and we compared 2 groups of doctors. we found differences in the gap of entry in the medical records. the first half had 5 doctors and the second half had also 5 doctors.there was an improvement in record keeping in the second half. im attaching a document with details on Table 2. can u please look at TABLE 2? and perform a suitable statistical test. also, is there any way i can correlate TABLE 1?


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Hello, you are right that you have to to a chi-square analysis, since there are three levels in each condition
<br> first half (day) second half (day) Total
<br>7-march 2.1 1.5 3.6
<br>14-aug 3.5 2.5 6
<br>&gt;15 5 ...