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ANOVA for rating of cruise ships

Traveler conducts an annual survey in which readers rate their favorite curise ships. Ratings are provided for small ships (carring up to 500 passangers) medium ships (carring 500 to 1500 passangers) and large ships (carring a minimum of 1500 passengers). The following data shows the service ratings for eight ramdomly selected small ships, eight randomly selected large ships. All ships are rated on a 100-point scale, with higher valuse indicated better service (traveler Feb 2003)

small ships medium ships large ships

A. 90.5 A. 91.1 A. 89.2
B. 78.2 B. 98.9 B. 90.2
C. 92.3 C. 94.2 C. 85.9
D. 95.7 D. 84.3 D. 84.2
E. 94.1 E. 84.8 E. 90.2
F. 100 F. 89.2 F. 80.6
G. 91.8 G. 86.4 G. 75.8
H. 95 H. 88.3 H. 82.3

Use a=.05 to test for any significant difference in the mean service ratings among the three sizes of cusise ships.

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