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"Speaking the Truth in Love"

1. If this was your client, what would you say and do? Be specific. Why would you respond that way?

"A client went to seek counseling regarding her problems with sexual attraction to men. The counselor was directly telling her about the problem instead of advising her and facilitating her to see the truth. The counselor started to share his own personal beliefs and feelings with her, which was an unethical action. In short, his intentions were impure. He was supposed to help the problem, diagnose the situation, and provide her with counseling; instead, he used and exploited the client for his own purposes."

2. How might you apply the biblical concept of "speaking the truth in love" to this situation?

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1.) If this was my client, I would want to gain the client's trust, which involves active listening, empathy, and communicating. I would take notes and ask general questions as to why she is here and what brings her? Then, I would ask the appropriate questions to identify her expectations: what does she hope to accomplish and what does she expect to happen? If this was my client, I would advise her about the materials to educate her regarding practicing safe sex and discuss the risks involved. Again, it is the individual's choice to seek counseling, and the therapist has to respect the client's choices.

2.) First, I would refer to the ...

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