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    Social justice definition

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    Social justice in the United States and other countries including ideologies as well as differences

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    Social justice definition

    1. Counselling psychologist and social workers are committed to the advocacy, prevention and outreach to the marginalized and victimized in society . For these professions, social just means to bring justice to an unjust society where there is inequality and disparity to access of health, mental health , housing, legal and employment opportunities.
    - Collaboration with other professionals for social action /change in social policy is part of social justice

    Refer to :Vera, E. M., & Speight, S. L. (2003). Multicultural competence, social justice, and counseling psychology: Expanding our roles. The Counseling Psychologist, 31(3), 253-272.

    2. Social justice entails 6 aspects:
    i) people's ...

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    definition of social justice in USA and in China