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    Research and Social Change

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    What is the relationship of research to social change?

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    The solution below takes on a discussion of 'critical theory' especially that of Anthony Giddens in relation to research and social change. I hope this solution will be of help.

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    Research & Social Change

    Why is research undertaken? For what purpose? Does it serve society and humanity positively if research in the sciences is taken on by talented, driven and visionary thinkers? Research is undertaken in the sciences - both the natural and the social to 'find out' details about a particular concern, to answer questions, to seek out explanations regarding certain objects and phenomenon in the reality they know. The answers become universal knowledge, theories and laws (especially in the natural sciences, i.e. applied mathematics & physics) which become instrumental in development, especially in technology driving social, economic, political and even environmental change. Take for example the research taken on in the early Enlightenment by naturalist Charles Darwin - his observations resulted in his phenomenal work on evolution and the survival of the species becoming a pillar, if you will in biology and zoology. His ideas have given rise to other theories and research as other scientists followed his footsteps, proving and disproving claims in a bid to explain and understand the natural world. Medical science has gone far from the time of Hippocrates and development in medicine has allowed man longer life expectancy, inventing cures and vaccines for varied diseases in a convergent technology that has allowed for genetic cloning and neural mapping. Even in the wildest dreams of Hippocrates human achievement through the millennia is awe-inspiring. If social change is about a change in the structure and mechanism of society in an all encompassing manner, then it is safe to say that research and development has driven social ...

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    The solution on research & its relation to social changes provides an analysis of the problem via a discussion of 'critical theory' & risk societies following the ideas of Anthony Giddens in relation to research and social change. The solution is in an essay form following the APA format. References are provided. A word version is attached for easy printing.