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    Organizational theory

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    In the Felson article attached, he talks about how prostitution is defined differently around the world. Name the four most important issues on prostitution control (worldwide) from the reading.
    Devise a police agenda together to brief officers from around the globe.

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    Important Issues on Prostitution Control (World Wide):

    Prostitution is widely known as the world oldest profession. One of the major problems in the controlling of this crime is that prostitution is considered to be legal in some parts of the world like in Australia and illegal in most nations of the world. The reason why this is is because the legal systems in the world tend to treat the same behavior 'prostitution' differently. It is hard to generalize the issues of prostitution because of the ever changing laws in the world today. But with all these challenges, its possible to define prostitution in a consistent approach that will make the term 'prostitution' to be viewed with same eyes to most if not all the nations. Through the appropriate definition of prostitution, it can be controlled well globally (Head, 2011).

    To control prostitution in the world, governing rules have to be written in laws to ensure that people understand it. This will bring clarity to the citizens in every nation and with clarity comes obedience. This will make the laws to be administered equally. When pimping services are not allowed, but house prostitution accepted, these are double standards that will not end prostitution. ...

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    Organizational theory is applied on the ssocial issue of prostitution.