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    Language, History and Philosophy in Puerto Rico

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    Task: Consider the subject ares of language, history and language. For each theme, complete two entries which discuss these themes and additionally, explain the relevance of these themes to Puerto Rican culture.

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    The solution below should get you started. You can also use the listed references to expand on the information provided. I have assumed that you are to discuss the importance of history, language and philosophy and an example of their manifestations with one element important to Puerto Rico. I have assumed that this is a socio-historical study and since you have not provided copies of the articles or themes to analyse, I have picked up some that might be of relevance.

    What is language? Language is a system that allows for communication to happen. Each culture, nation and social group have their own unique language varying in letters, process and methods of symbolizing and meaning making, speaking styles, phonetics and grammatical rules. The earliest man no doubt spoke through crude systems, but human beings are endowed with the ability to conceive, perceive and express themselves that through human evolution crude stick symbols and simple spoken and unwritten communication systems have been replaced by complex and ever-developing language systems that allow for discourse. Why is language so important? Sociologists and philosophers propose that truth and meanings can only happen via discourse and discourse is only possible via language. Without language, human beings cannot be social and without that, there can be no society. We live in societies and depend on social networks to live and survive. Language can be expressed written or spoken and in current media language allows for globalization. But language is also an expressive art and the following ...

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    Language, history, and philosophy as academic and scholarly areas of study are discussed and defined, in particular to explore their relevance. Then elements of each is discussed as they are manifested in Puerto Rican culture and history to show how it applies to the unique heritage of Puerto Rico. Five references are listed for further expansion and in total, the solution is just under 900 words.