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Differences between Baptist and Protestant faiths

Write at least 250 words in your own words.

Imagine that Jane is a follower of Baptists tradition. First indicate two or three ways that Janeâ??s beliefs and practices might be different from Catholic Christians. Then indicate as many ways as you can in which Janeâ??s beliefs and practices are different from the followers of the other Protestant denominations.

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First of all, Jane being a Baptist means that she will have three very different beliefs that she practices as compared to her Catholic friends. The biggest difference is the Baptist belief that you have to be "mature" and able to accept Christ as your savior to be baptized, and when baptized you should be fully immersed as the scripture points out on many occasions in the bible. This is in direct contrast to the Catholic tradition of infant sprinkling = baptism at or around the time of birth.

Another difference is in the partaking of communion. In most Baptist churches, communion is held on special occasions, sometimes quarterly, but never on a regular Sunday ...

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The primary difference is the Baptist belief in the "Believers baptism" by which you have to be old enough to understand what you're getting into and accept and ask for it. Lutherans believe that you will never fully understand baptism as humans so therefore they approve of infant baptism to bring them into communion with Christ.