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Poverty in America and Human Nature

1) To what extent does one's "vision of human nature" (Thomas Sowel) affect one's view about the most appropriate welfare policy?

2). To what extent do you agree or disagree with Michael Harrington's view that poverty is "structurally determined," and that poverty in America is a product of "structurally economic change" in that a lack of employment opportunities for the poor was brought about by automation and the importation of cheap (foreign) labor?

3). Charles Murray and others maintain that many of the poor in America are poor because they lack the willingness and ability to work. Do you agree?

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One's vision of human nature affects one's view about the most appropriate welfare policy in a very significant and powerful way. In essence the viewpoint that an individual takes, or the vision that an individual takes in respect to fundamental human nature, will make the determination as to how lenient or stringent their vision of appropriate welfare policy will be. An individual that has a vision of human nature, in which he/she ...