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    Health and Mental Health

    Health and mental health, two inter-related human conditions, are important to maintain in society for the wellbeing of an individual. Anybody facing issues with these may need the assistance of a social worker to help improve their overall quality of life. Depending on the health issue, social work may intervene through teaching, crisis management or even through a set of healthcare related policies which apply to whole communities.

    According to Statistics Canada, in 2012 approximately 2.8 million individuals reported symptoms consistent with at least one of six mental/substance use disorders – these include depression, bipolar behavior, anxiety disorder and abuse or dependence on alcohol/cannabis or other drugs. Furthermore, approximately 17% of Canadians over the age of 15 perceived themselves as needing some sort of care for their mental health¹. Thus, it can be seen that mental health is a persistent issue in society. 

    The role of social work in terms of health-related issues can fall under prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Prevention looks at reducing the incidence of mental health illnesses; treatment looks at reducing the prevalence of already existing mental health illnesses within society; and rehabilitation looks at eliminating the after effects of the mental disorder. Thus, with such a high prevalence of health-related illnesses, the importance of social work cannot be overstated.


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    Religion and spirituality in social work

    1. As a social worker, would you include spirituality and religion in your initial assessment of Najeeb? Why or why not? 2. What strategies might you use to ensure that your personal values would not influence your practice with Najeeb? How would these strategies support ethical practice? 3. How would you address the crisi

    Adolescents: Eating Disorders

    1. Describe the role of peer relationships on the development of feeding and eating disorders in adolescence. 2. Describe the role of social media and body shaming on feeding and eating disorders in adolescence. 3. Identify one website addressing the phenomenon of pro anorexia and describe the content (provide the webpage UR

    Support Groups: Coping Skills

    The Covid-19 pandemic tested people's coping skills (both effective and ineffective). What are some examples of the importance of support groups and how people came together (in many cases virtually) to help others and themselves?

    Therapeutic Coping Techniques

    How can these/or one therapeutic coping technique (reduce harmful environmental conditions, tolerate/adjust negative events, and maintain a positive self-image) identify with the military/military personnel?

    Human spirituality and stress

    The core of human spirituality involves relationships, values, and a meaningful purpose in life. These same factors are directly tied to most every stressor. In your opinion, what is the relationship between stress and human spirituality (response should be grounded involving theorists/theory such as Sigmund Freud/ID & Ego; Carl

    Storm of Stress: Holistic vs Symptomatic Treatment

    How does technostress, incivility, and environmental disconnect create the perfect storm of stress? And why is it important to address stress holistically (mind, body, spirit, emotions) and not just treat the symptoms of stress?

    Hurricane Florence: A Storm to Remember

    • Select an article on a Natural Disaster and provide a brief description and summary of how it affects the individuals involved. • Describe the interventions discussed in the articles and explain how they addressed the psychosocial issues and needs of the individuals affected by the trauma. • Explain the effectiveness o

    Gloria: Case Study

    Respond to each of the following 4 questions in great details after reading the attached (below) Case description of "Gloria." Gloria - An Adult with Developmental Disabilities* 1. Briefly describe Gloria from the perspective of child development, in each of the following areas: Cognitive, Physical, Social/Emotional, and M

    Ethical challenges a counselor faces

    There are many ethical challenges in which professional counselors might have difficulty making ethical decisions. Describe why these situation would be challenging: 1- Whether to report child abuse. 2- Hugging a client. 3- Sharing confidential client information w colleagues who is not counselor clinical supervisor.

    Social Work in Georgia

    When one pictures a doctor sitting at her office desk, it seems natural to imagine multiple diplomas on the wall nearby. The notion of doctors displaying their credentials seems indisputable when one considers the importance of professional credibility in instilling trust in patients. Just as medical practitioners are respons

    Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents

    I have searched the web, and I am now seeking some help with resources and solutions to the questions below regarding eating disorders and the variation of body image. The professor is requiring scholarly sources to explain the answer. For this Assignment, consider the differences between normal variations in body image and

    Goals and Objectives for Dual Diagnosis

    Goals and objectives for dual diagnosis that involve mental health services and substance abuse disorders (clients reside in a residential treatment center) Population (all men) Example given: Goal 1: Move into theory and best practices Objective A: Understand counseling theories of choice that are Solution focused, mo

    Psychological Testing and Assessments

    I am requesting help with the following questions for my research. What resources are available to assist counselors in selecting psychological tests and/or assessments? What are four to five important issues a counselor should consider when selecting a psychological test for a client? How can a counselor determine tha

    Psychological and Assessments and Tests

    What psychological tests and assessments do family and marriage therapists use and why are they used? What is the difference between psychological tests and psychological assessments? 4 different psychological tests.

    Protecting Clients from Iatrogenic Harm: Standards in Ethics

    Please provide a description of two or more factors that may contribute to iatrogenic harm in prevention, intervention, or consultation endeavors. Using specific examples, explain the potential impact of each factor on the client(s) and the treatment and/or consultation process. Then, explain how iatrogenic harm from each of the

    Food Deserts: United States

    I need a comprehensive analysis of food deserts in America, what they are and how they are classified. Additionally, I need a comprehensive analysis of the food desert located on the South Side Chicago, specifically surrounding the 9100 block of South Baltimore in Chicago, IL.

    Assessment of Impact of Trauma, Counseling, Personal Counseling

    Understanding the extent of the impact of a trauma-causing event on a survivor is critical. The use of assessment measures can greatly inform the counseling process as it provides rich information related to the level of emotional response a survivor may be experiencing. As a counselor, you can use the knowledge obtained from th

    Psychopharmacological intervention

    •Provide one example of when psychopharmacological interventions are warranted in counseling •Explain the counselor's role in the example that you provided •Explain how counselors might prepare themselves to best work with medical professionals in the example that you provided (include the need for using a signed release

    Mental Health Effect

    • Provide an analysis of the impact of crisis, trauma, and/or disaster on the mental health of the person presented in the case study. Be specific and provide examples to illustrate. "Sam" Sam has been a Mental Health Disaster Volunteer for the last 3 years and has served on his local Critical Incident Stress Team for a ye

    Coping Techniques

    As part of the study activity for this unit, you completed the COPE Inventory and scored your own results. This assessment tool is a research instrument without norms or standardized scores. After reviewing the article by Carver et al., discuss what strategies you used to interpret your results. You do not need to reveal what yo

    Ethical Considerations of Online Assessment Tools

    Consider the use of online assessments with the assessment tool that you utilized for the Unit 9 assignment. Make a case for whether a computerized version of that assessment tool could be used in the scenario that you covered. What are the relevant ethical considerations? Include all reference and words, thanks! Here are th

    Achievement and Aptitude Assessment

    Read Osborn's 2012 article, "An International Discussion About Cross-Cultural Career Assessment," in International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance, volume 12, issue 1, pages 5-16. Achievement and aptitude assessments serve distinct, but potentially complimentary purposes. Both are often administered in a group

    Assessment of Cognitive Abilities

    The assessment of cognitive abilities draws a range of opinions in terms of the validity of assessing "intelligence." Begin by defining what is assessed. Choose one side of the argument (that intelligence can be accurately measured or that it cannot) and present and review the evidence that supports your position. Focus on profe

    Strong Interest Inventory Profile and Interpretive Report

    If you have not already done so, review the "Strong Interest Inventory Profile and Interpretive Report," linked in the Resources for this discussion. Describe how you would present the assessment results for Jane Sample. Be certain to provide a description of what the inventory measures, including what it can and cannot determin