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Childhood Obesity

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Provide some assistance with this assignment. Some ideas on where to start and psychosocial and cognitive developments.

Examine the causes, effect on children's health, psychosocial, and cognitive development, and ways to counteract obesity in middle childhood.

* What solutions, if any, are schools, community organizations, and social service agencies in your area providing?
* What else could or should be done?
* What educational or other programs could be developed to help solve the problem?

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The solution discusses the causes and effects of childhood obesity.

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It appears that the schools are providing very few solutions to effectively counteract obesity in middle childhood. It appears that school policies and procedures may actually be exacerbating the problem, due to the distribution of lunches that are nutritionally inadequate. Most of the school lunches of today are high calorie meals, have a high sugar content, and are high in sodium and fat. In addition to the fact that school lunches are not very nutritious, ...

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