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One's desire to be an advocate is often tied to personal values and philosophy. Is there a particular type of client you can be an advocate for? This may be abused children, certain disabilities or diagnostic category, single-mothers, the homeless, veterans, or any number of others. What attracts you to the client? What values or philosophy are involved? What agencies are available in your area to assist the client?

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I volunteer as a Court Appointed Child Advocate (CASA). The reason I feel the desire to volunteer for this organization is because there are many children, "in the system," that do not have a steady, constant person in their lives. Regardless of whether the child is in relative care, foster care, children's home, or in between all three, the CASA involved remains the same. Each year more than one million children, living in the United States, becomes a victim to abuse and neglect that occurs in their home (Litzelfelner, 2008). These children ...

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The solution discusses advocacy and the different types of clients you can be an advocate for.