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Palestinian Tour guides

The theme is 'Pilgrimage to Palestine'.

This should be from a Palestinian guides point of view. What are their struggles in getting a job in Israel? Touch on the politics of it. Why would a Palestinian tour guide be more relevant than an Israeli guide? What are the differences? Something that comes to mind is that Israeli's can be "new immigrants" and it would be like a tourist guiding another tourist. As opposed to a Palestinian who can trace their roots to that land for hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) of years and therefore know all the rich folklore history. What advantages does a Palestinian tour guide have? How does their education system prepare them for that type of job?

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First of all, Palestinian guides are not allowed to operate in Israel. Israeli guides are allowed to operate without any restrictions in Bethlehem, but Palestinian guides are not allowed to go to the Israeli side. This has resulted in significant loss of tourism revenues for the Palestinian guides.

Further, Israeli tour guides present a distorted and biased picture of the area to the tourists from a settler's perspective. Israeli guides introduce hostile views about Palestinians to the tourists and distort information on the culture and history of the country. Palestinian tour guides provide an unbiased and real picture of the country's history and culture to the tourists. Palestinian tour guides can provide information and tours to numerous holy sites and sites of cultural and historical importance to the tourists that Israeli guides cannot provide to foreign tourists.

The biased and superficial ...

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