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Peter's leadership

Using 1 Peter 5:1-7, what does this text reveal to us as who a spiritual leader should take care the God's flock? What is shepherd's primary responsibility?

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Kefa [Peter] writes that elders are to "feed the flock." Interesting words, aren't they? Do you remember who said that to him? Take a look at John 21:15-17. So, this gives you an idea as to why Kefa wrote it and why he was so passionate about those three little words.

And what was the most important caution for elders to be aware of? They were to feed the flock, not out of force ("Do I have to?"), but because they want to ("Do I really have the privilege to do this?"). There must be a willing heart. In addition, to prevent some elders from thinking, "Hey, I'll do it. What do I get paid?" Kefa wrote further by adding the ...

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Peter's leadership is demonstrated.