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    Sexual Disorders

    Sexual disorders cover a wide range of topics, including sexual dysfunctions, paraphilias, and disorders related to gender identity.

    In terms of sexual dysfunctions, problems can include sexual desire disorders, such as sexual aversion disorder and hypoactive sexual desire disorder, in which people seem to have no desire for sex or try to distance themselves from sexual activity. Sexual arousal disorders, including female sexual arousal disorder and the more well-known male erectile disorder, involves an issue with becoming aroused during sex, such as inadequate lubrication for women and inability to have an erection or maintain it for men. Orgasmic disorders involve problems with reaching the orgasm stage in the sexual response cycle or reaching that stage too quickly, such as in premature ejaculation. Other orgasmic disorders include female orgasmic disorder and male orgasmic disorder. Lastly, issues involving pain due to sexual intimacy are called sexual pain disorders and include dyspareunia and vaginismus.

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    Paraphilias describe individuals who experience intense arousal and attraction for things that are not seen as typically arousing. Such disorders include exhibitionism (arousal by someone showing their genitals to an involuntary person), fetishism (arousal by an inanimate object, such as shoes), transvestic fetishim (arousal by a heterosexual man dressing in women's clothing), frotteurism (arousal by someone rubbing themselves on an involuntary person), pedophilia (arousal through sexual activities with minors), sexual masochism (arousal through the experience of pain and punishment), sexual sadism (arousal through giving pain and punishment), and voyeurism (arousal by watching involuntary naked which involve non-consenting people being exposed to an unwelcome sexual activity is illegal and can result in imprisonment and/or fines.

    Lastly, gender identity disorder involves an individual feeling as if they were born into the wrong body and should be the opposite, or no, gender. In these cases, the individual may feel very strongly about this and experience dysfunction in relation to the disorder and therefore seek out gender reassignment surgery. However, in recent years there has been debate on the ethics of calling these as mental disorders, not dissimilar to the debate which led to homosexuality being declassified as a disorder.

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    Family Counseling: Domestic Violence & Abuse

    Using the case conceptualization. Please include how you will work with Sofie's parents for safety planning with the child. Be sure to address both sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Create a safety plan for (Sofie) 1). Safety Plan 2). Treatment Plan 3). Interventions Resources for Sexual Assault and I

    Intimacy After Paralysis

    I want to research what happens when one partner is unable to perform sexually, but still has the desire. Example, one partner is paralyzed and has no feeling in their love region, but still has the desire to be intimate. 1). Do you know of any statistics on the longevity of those types of relationships? yes or no ( Example,

    Personal Genogram Reflection

    There are many different forms of the American family today. Reflect on your own genogram, the Contemporary Family interview clips, and your readings to consider what messages you have been given about sexual identity and family roles from multiple levels: family of origin, your community, and mainstream society. How are these i

    Sexual orientation conversion therapy debate

    Is sexual orientation conversion therapy ethical? All of you are attracted to either males or females, or perhaps both. Do you think that with the help of therapy you could change your sexual orientation? These questions are briefly brainstormed in 200 words of my notes and references.

    Advocacy Plan

    For the Final Project, you conduct an interview with a professional in your community who works in a sexuality-related job (e.g., pregnancy counselor, sex therapist, OB/GYN) to: a) learn about his or her work, b) observe how the professional discusses the topic of sexuality, and c) identify social change related to human sexuali

    Treating Criminals with Psychosexual Disorders

    Many clinicians avoid working with clients diagnosed with psychosexual disorders because it means that you are often treating pedophiles, sexual offenders, rapists, etc. And the truth of the matter is that the counter transference experienced by the clinician is to strong that it does not allow them to treat the client without b

    Sex Offender Rehabilitation

    Sexual crimes cover a wide range of criminal behavior including, but not limited to, rape, child molestation, lascivious acts, and indecent exposure. They also include acts that, while legal themselves if consensual, were forced upon persons who did not consent, are developmentally disabled, are minors, or have been drugged, jus

    Diagnostic Criteria of Major Sexual Dysfunctions and Disorders

    For this Discussion, you analyze the diagnostic criteria of major sexual dysfunctions and disorders in the DSM. Review the case study below and reflect on which DSM sexual dysfunction/disorder might be the most reflective of the client's symptoms. Then consider a counterargument as to why this dysfunction/disorder might not be a

    Addressing Homonegativity

    Homonegativity, sometimes also referred to as homoprejudice, refers to negative biases, assumptions, beliefs, and behaviors toward individuals who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or otherwise in same-sex relationships. Homonegativity may be internal (i.e., when a person directs it toward him- or herself as a result of negative feeli

    Sex Reassignment Surgery Process

    To prepare for this Assignment, consider potential challenges a client might face during each phase of the sex reassignment surgery process. Then consider counseling strategies that could be used to address these challenges. Explain two challenges a client might face. Explain two strategies a counselor might use to address

    Sexual Disorders - Case Study

    See the attached file. For many beginning psychologists, one of the most difficult topics to broach with a client is the topic of sex: sexual orientation, sexual behavior, or sexual problems. Specifically, erectile dysfunction is one such topic. Erectile dysfunction is generally characterized by a male's inability to produc

    Sex, Sexuality, Sexual Identity and Values

    Please help with the attached scenario. Identify two potential parent/guardian, school, or community values related to sex, sexuality, or sexual identity that might adversely affect the child or adolescent and explain how. Explain one way you might support the child or adolescent in the scenario. Explain one way you would

    Sexual Addiction And Addiction To The Internet

    I need help in considering sexual addiction and addiction to Internet content and comparing and contrasting treatment modalities for these addictions with treatment planning for clients presenting addictions to alcohol or drugs. In the revision of the DSM, would you like to see these compulsive, addictive behaviors listed? How w

    Need assistance with Male Sexual Dysfunctions

    Can you discuss at least three male sexual dysfunctions. In addition, Create a case study for one of the dysfunctions described and providing a brief treatment overview for the case.

    Art therapy on children who have suffered incestual sexual abuse

    Literature review: What is the efficacy of art therapy on children who suffered from sexual abuse from incest? Include: 1. At least five quantitative research articles 2. At least five qualitative research articles 3. At least one mixed methods research article 4. At least one program evaluation article for review Your

    Alternative Sexual Lifestyles: BDSM and Treatment Suggestions

    Can you help with the following: Imagine a new client comes to you and discloses in the intake that he or she is part of the BDSM scene in your area. Can you please create a case scenario for this client? Note that BDSM interests do not necessarily mean that this client is coming to you due to problems related to such practic

    Discussing Sexual Orientation

    Sexual orientation is far from a black and white issue. As the Kinsey Continuum illustrates, people do not fit into neat and exclusive heterosexual or homosexual categories. Also, there are legal and ethical implications of refusing to work with the gay population, which also relate to the professional's multicultural competence

    The Four Categories of Sexual Dysfunctions

    Can you describe the four categories of sexual dysfunctions and how they relate to the sexual response cycle. Pick one sexual dysfunction to explain in more detail, considering causes of such disorder and suggesting a treatment approach. 250-300 words with scholarly references

    Interventions for Sexual Issues and Dysfunctions

    Case 2: John and Sandra Wilson have been married for 12 years. They married immediately after they graduated from high school. John works at the local factory and earns good wages from working overtime. Sandra worked as a homemaker and took care of their children:"William, 10, and Regina, 8 until they began school. For the pa

    Assess the best research methods on sexual offenders.

    Please help with the following problem. I have a different type of research to do on sexual offenders. I need to know if a Likert scale is a good method of using on them? I want to look to see if other studies had used this method or not? I want to find out if there is another method to find out if a sexual offender will re

    Disassociative and Sexual /Gender Identity Disorders

    1. Is sexual orientation conversion therapy ethical? Once you answered that question, answer this: All of you are attracted to either males or females or perhaps both. Do you think that with the help of therapy you could change your sexual orientation? 2. Does Dissociative Identity Disorder exist? How might you assess its pr

    Describe the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse.

    The Department of Community Health and Corrections is working to improve its programs to provide psychological support services for children who are the victims of childhood sexual abuse. You want to be able to make a useful contribution for the first task force meeting, and decide to review research and studies on childhood sex

    Paraphilias Disorder

    What is one Paraphilias Disorder? Describe it. What is the difference in disorders under Sexual Disorders and Sex Disorders? .

    Definition and Discussion of Sexual Abuse/Assault

    How would you define sexual abuse/assault? Identify and describe one type of sexual abuse. What treatments are effective in the treatment of this type of abuse? Why/how are they effective? Reply with at least 200 words.

    Discuss some difficulties in interviewing child victims of sexual abuse

    Child sexual abuse is, unfortunately, a pervasive crime, and one that can often be difficult to prosecute. Discuss some difficulties in interviewing child victims of sexual abuse, and what psychologists can do to aid in these investigations. Also discuss some of the errors investigators make when interviewing children.

    Psychological disorder

    Please help me write a 750 - 1050 word paper briefly describing sexual disorder and detailing the current trends in diagnosis and treatment for this disorder