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    School violence from various psychological perspectives

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    Provide an overview of school violence and show how this issue might be explained by three different perspectives: biological, motivational and developmental perspectives and incorporate and cite two resources.

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    School violence is the violence that takes place in schools. It includes aspects like rape, theft, bullying other students, threatening them and killing them. This kind of violence disturbs the school's atmosphere and hampers the growth of children. It has widely been believed that the problem of violence in schools has only worsened in recent decades especially where weapons such as guns and knives are involved. Children are considered to be the future of our nations. However if the problem of widespread school violence continues to persist that future can be threatened. According to the Department of Education , there were 1.7 million non-fatal crimes committed in schools in the United States in 2008.

    According to the behavioral perspective children who engage in violent behaviors are likely to do so due to a certain imbalance in the brain. Children who have been diagnosed with severe behavior disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have been linked to school violence. The negative effects of this disorder can ...

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    This solution examines school violence from the biological, motivational and developmental perspectives.