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    Recommendations on a journal article

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    A 7 page journal article requires recommendations for summarizing.

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    Please allow some of my ideas to help. Please use APA or MLA as directed and remember that my notes represent a brainstorming:

    First, the article reiterates that the topic (and implications) of including fathers within ADHD interventions is quite new since most parenting research generally targets mothers. However, this article emphasizes the pivotal role for fathers in terms of implementing effective parenting approaches and proactive interventions for fathers with kids with ADHS.

    Besides a literature review, the article also examines common barriers that impede fathers' participation in treatment. The article uses BPT as a common intervention acronym for Behavioral Parent Training.

    In terms of BPT, please note how the article specifies that these interventions encompass an array of strategies designed to teach parents "how to effectively modify antecedents (e.g., rules, commands) and consequences (e.g., time-out, rewards) for target behaviors (e.g., noncompliance) in the child's environment." The article further shows the value of ...

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