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    Physiological Effects Of Hate Crimes

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    A discussion of the physiological effects of hate crimes is outlined in this material.

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    Physiology and Hate Crimes

    Hate Crimes can be physiologically devastating on many levels. Hate Crime victims are at risk for many types of distress. These distresses can include depression, stress and anger (Herek, 2012). These in turn can be associated with other health problems such as severe headaches, gastrointestinal problems, and insomnia (Elmore, 2003). These symptoms can be further compounded over time if hate crimes persist. Typically these crimes go on for long periods of time, because many people refuse to report them. The victim may feel helpless to report the crime, and bystanders may fear retribution if they get involved. Hate crime ...

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    This 391 word solution discusses the Physiological effects hate crimes have on individuals. There are 4 references that tie all of the material together. The discussion shows that Physiological effects of hate crimes are just as real as the psychological effects.