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    Person-centered Approach in Communication

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    What is a person-centered approach to communications?

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    Person-Centered Approach to Communications

    PCA or person centered approach to communication was pioneered by American Psychologist Carl Rogers as a form of humanistic approach to psychology. Since then, the PCA had been adapted in many fields of communication finding effective application in the medical & health services where cognition & feelings of the subject play a big part in arriving at the correct diagnosis. The humanistic psychotherapy pioneered by Rogers became the basis of several grounded approaches in the field of psychology and psychometry where scientific attitude met with humanistic perspectives heavily influenced by psychology and the social sciences in his approaches to counseling and personal relationships. At the heart of it, Rogers wanted to study how personality plays into the creation & dynamics of human relationships. For his work, Rogers earned the title the father of psychological research and he was also nominated for a Nobel Prize for his work on national intergroup conflict in South Africa & Northern Ireland. While his PCA approach was mainly centered in psychology & counseling, its principles was adopted to education in terms of understanding learning from a humanistic approach dubbed as the student-centered-learning. It was applied in schools for the gifted and the challenged, providing the students venue for development non-viable in regular classroom systems.

    To understand Person-centered approach to communication, we need to delve into its very application as envisioned by Rogers. Essentially, Rogers sees that it is very important to account ...

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    The solution discusses extensively the concept of the person-centered approach (PCA) in communication as pioneered and defined by American Psychologist Carl Rogers, explaining the 6 conditions necessary in the concept and why they are.It also further explores the development of PCA as a method and concept not just in psychology & health care but in general communication to include business applications. This solution is written in the APA format with word version attached for easy printing.