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Opinion on Stockholm Syndrome

Please provide some assistance getting started to write about this topic. Please provide some ideas of where to start from. The question is:

Please give me your opinion on Stockholm Syndrome.

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Let me throw out a few ideas and sources to get you started. There are tons of articles out there:

- The simple definition of Stockholm Syndrome is when someone, captured by others, begins, as a result of their interaction, to identify with their captors.

Here's a good quote from the Time article above (this is negative in that it rejects the phenomenon):
"No widely accepted diagnostic criteria exist to identify Stockholm syndrome - also known as terror-bonding or traumatic bonding - and critics insist its apparent prevalence is largely a figment of the media's overactive imagination. One FBI report called such close victim-captor relationships "overemphasized, over-analyzed, over-psychologized and over-publicized." Nonetheless, the Swedish clerks' puzzling response to their ordeal has been emulated over and over ...

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