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    Mating and Parenting

    Since sexual reproduction is the only way which genes are passed on to the next generation, it follows that mating is a crucial link in the evolutionary process. Obviously those with superiority in the mating process will have their genes propagated. The predominant literature predicts that women have evolved to be more selective, whereas men have evolved to find ways to attract their mate. This research can allow researchers to predict various aspects of the mating process including selection, poaching, retention, jealous, preferences, characteristics, etc.

    Mating is only the first step to the process of gene propagation, the second is parenting. The literature widely accepts that the paternal and maternal roles vary quite a bit. This is thought to be for evolutionary reasons – or at least can be explained by them. For example, it is found that mothers are more inclined to invest more of themselves into their offspring, because she knows with certainty that the offspring is indeed genetically connected to her; this is not true for the father. Furthermore, this line of thought can be extended to explain the prominence of monogamy – this gives the father more certainty in his relationship to their offspring and therefore induces more effort and investment from the father. Not only do fathers generally invest less, but this, evolutionarily, has made them more incapable of nurturing offspring. This subtopic of psychology explores these concepts as well as expands to exploring the effects on the offspring that are generated.


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    Parenting Strategies in Early Childhood

    1.The first five years of a child's life are crucial to their physical, mental, social, and emotional development(give your top 3-5) for parents to do to promote healthy growth in all areas of a child's development? 2.Discuss various ways can parents promote self-regulation within their children?

    Family Stress Identify Sources

    1. Managing stress in a family today is important. Explain some of the reasons families experience stress and what are positive ways to reduce that stress? 2.Explain how parents best deal with problem behaviors with their children? How does punishment fit into this?

    Parenting Styles and Influence

    1.We learn parenting skills from many places. Perhaps our biggest influence on our attitude towards parenting is from our parents and how we were raised. We also are influenced by media, science, religion, and other sources. In your observation, how have any of these sources influenced parenting, in general, today 2.Pick a

    Effects of Music During Pregnancy on Mothers and Infants

    This solution provides help in locating two educational resources on prenatal development within these facets: * The source of information * The type of information (print, video, lecture, etc.) * The scope of information. Mention which area is addressed: Chromosonal and Gene-linked Abnormalities, fetal alcohol syndrome, d

    The Dilemma of an Undisclosed Affair

    Napier (1991) stated that he is unwilling to continue therapy with a couple if he knows of an affair from one partner, but they are unwilling to disclose this to the other partner. What is your own opinion about this? There is no single correct answer, of course - as long as ethical requirements are followed in terms of not brea

    couple therapy

    The article by Gottman, Gottman, and Atkins (2011) describes an intervention for distressed couples where one partner is deployed overseas. Are there specific interventions they use that you can imagine applying to other couple situations or stresses? For example, can you see how parts of this approach might be useful for situat

    Parenting and Personality Development

    Does parenting contribute to personality development? What are the effects of extremely controlling parents on personality development? What are the effects of overly permissive parenting? What are the effects of uninvolved parenting? Why do siblings raised together by the same parents sometimes turn out dramatica

    Territory and Aggression

    Please help provide answers for the following questions: Do you think that our fight or flight can have remnants of territorial behavior woven in it? By this I mean, when we are usually threatened to the point of fight or flight we are usually protecting something or someone. I had a boy try to protect his brother at school

    Comparing Parenting Styles

    Read Tiger Moms: Is tough Parenting Really the Answer? http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,2043477-1,00.html Read Raising Successful Children http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/05/opinion/sunday/raising-successful-children.html?pagewanted=1&_r=0&emc=eta1 Compare and contrast the two articles. What are the ke

    Same Sex Couples and their Children

    Choose the two categories of demographic differences that you selected. Explain how the couple's relationship and their parenting experiences might differ between each side of the categories you selected. For example, if you chose urban/rural as one of your categories, explain how the experiences would differ if the couple lived

    Brief Assessment; Gender Roles in Relationships

    Could many of the problems that exist between a couple actually be a gender role "thing" that, itself, could be explored more deeply to find resolution (as opposed to simply being dropped)? For example, if a couple were to explore how the two sexes communicate so differently that the irritation becomes too great, and then learn

    Creativity: Thinking Outside of the Box

    People have become so accustomed being in the herd so they do not bother to be creative. The basic idea is that to be creative you need to challenge your own assumptions and look at things from a fresh angle. 1). Can a parent or parents be a good role model by showing and teaching their children to think outside the box and

    Parenting Impact on Social and Cognitive Development

    Do you agree or disagree with the comments and opinions expressed in this discussion? Explain your answer. Every parent has their own way of parenting and there are three styles of parenting. The first style is permissive. Permissive parents are very nondirective and avoid trying to control their children. Parents that use th

    Authoritative Parenting

    What does research say about the effects of authoritative parenting style on cognitive and social development of the child or children from parents who use the authoritative style? What is the best parenting style and what does the research say about the effects of this parenting style on cognitive and social development?

    Different Parenting Styles

    Briefly describe these five different parenting styles, 1). Permissive 2). Permissive-indulgent 3). Permissive rejecting- neglecting 4) Authoritarian, and 5) Authoritative. Comment on how each might impact cognitive and social development.

    Difference in parenting styles

    One issue to discuss is parents that have different parenting style backgrounds. This occurs in many relationships, where the individuals have had different experiences with parenting styles. For example, the mom was raised with authoritative and the father was raised with authoritarian. The parents should really discuss and com

    Parenting, Sex and Gender

    Please help answering these questions attached. I'm having difficulty providing short responses to them. Page numbers don't matter. It can be your own knowledge. 1. On page 210 of the textbook, the author defines 3 patterns of parenting--authoritarian, authoritative and permissive parenting. Do you think that the age of th

    Sexual Health and Normality

    Integrating the ideas from articles, media tools and videos, explain the concepts of sexual normality and sexual functioning. Can you apply the concept of sexual response cycle to the idea of sexual normality and sexual functioning? 250-300 words with scholarly references.

    Parenting Style Impact on Child Development

    Give an explanation of how each of these four types of parenting styles (the strict parent, the permissive parent, the parent who tries to be the child's friend, and the neglectful parent) can impact children's physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. Also explain the role of culture in influencing parenting style

    Parenting Styles

    Parenting styles can provide children with the foundation they need to succeed academically and socially or stifle their cognitive and social development; which can lead to emotional or psychological problems. The average parenting style fits into one of four categories: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and uninvolved.

    Parenting Styles Explanations

    Explain how each of the four parenting styles (authoritarian, authoritative, neglectful, and indulgent) can impact children's physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. Also explain the role of culture in influencing parenting styles.


    Parenting style and leisure activities (playing with other children) influence a child's social development. Explain why some people may think that peer influence (interacting with other children) may have just as much as or more influence than parenting. Could this be actually true? Why or why not? Provide a ration

    Parenting Styles

    Talk to a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle concerning their beliefs about child rearing. Do they closely match the authoritarian, authoritative, or overly permissive styles you have studied in this unit? How so? How do you think these styles affect social, language, and cognitive development in a child? How do you think the a

    Different types of parenting styles are examined.

    Please help me evaluate the different types of parenting styles & their influence on development during infancy & early childhood. (300 word response) Then compare & contrast at least 2 different kinds of caregivers(e.g., stay at home parent, daycare, grandparent, nanny) & the positive and negative impacts on development during