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Guidelines for Research in Schools

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What guidelines does a researcher/psychologist need to legally follow? What are the ethical guidelines for conducting research?

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This solution covers the important guidelines to follow when conducting research in a school setting. Relevant case-law is included.

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Research in the Schools

-Research must be ethical & well-designed because the results affect current practice.
-The head researcher is responsible for all members of research team & must
ensure safety and welfare of participants.
Priority is given to welfare of participants.

Informed Consent-required for collection of personal information.
-Written agreement that outlines obligations and responsibilities of those involved; informs participant of all aspects of research that may influence willingness to participate, and answer all questions about the nature of the research. Must be presented in a way that is understandable to participants (e.g. Spanish, English, ASL) Oral presentation of consent needs to be ...

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