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Mental Health Issues People's Lives

What are your thoughts on the content of this discussion below as it relates to how mental health issues affect us directly or indirectly in our lives. Do you agree or disagree? Why

I feel that more people are aware of mental health issues but there is not enough education provided on mental health awareness. Throughout our whole lives we are educated on cancer, we are made aware of heart disease, the dangers of smoking, the importance of eye exams, going to the dentists, and just having good hygiene but when it comes to what to do if you feel depressed, sad, having anxiety issues, hearing voices, or having suicidal thoughts there is very little education. I think that people still look at these problems in a bad way, which makes people less likely to want to come forward with the problem.

We need more education in our community, schools, churches, and doctors' offices on mental health issues and how to seek the proper help for them. I think that the earlier a person receives help for their problems (any problem) they have a better chance for success in their treatment.

I am personally affected by mental health issues in my private life. My mother shows every sign possible for bipolar disorder, her mother showed the same signs, and her sister has been diagnosed with the disorder and sees a psychiatrist. I have talked with my mother on many occasions about going to see a therapist but she refuses. I feel that during the time she was growing up going to the psychiatrist was looked at in a horrible way and she carries that same feeling with her today. She is on some medication for her depression but will not talk about her other issues with the medical doctor. I do not even think she feels she has other issues. I feel that medical doctors should not even be allowed to write a antidepressant medication without the patient seeking therapy first or with the medication. If we really had the proper education on mental health issues people would feel better about seeking help for their problem.

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I do agree with you with this article and more education is needed in mental health issues. People are afraid of finding out if there are mental health issues in their families for the ...

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This essay is primarily about learning about the stigma about the various problems and how to work them out.