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Stanford Prison Experiment

Information about this experiment can be found on various websites including I can use these resources as well as independent research for this project.

1. Explain what the Stanford Prison Experiment set out to test, and how the researchers went about their study. What were the results, and were they expected?

2. Why is this experiment important and what are some of the things psychologists and law enforcement personnel have learned as a result?

3. Finally, what are the ethical implications in conducting research such as this, and how can these results impact policy and procedure in the legal system? Address the importance of this experiment.

In need help answering these questions e.g. ideas and insights to point me in the right direction, and any additional infromation and resource websites would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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By responding to the questions, this solution discusses the importance and other aspects of the Stanford Prison Experiment e.g., implications for law enforcement, ethical implications and othesr. It also provides links and supplementary research discussing the experiment more fully.