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Parametric or nonparametric statistical processes

Would I use an inferential parametric or nonparametric statistical process to ascertain relationships, differences, and effects for my research problem/question:

(Research Problem: If a flight attendant got paid from the time they checked in instead of the time the door closed would it create a better work environment?

Research Question: Will Employee morale if FA's are paid from the time they check in as opposed to when the doors are closed?)"

Why and how does the value of the proposed data analysis benefit a work environment?

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Parametric, yes. Also known as classical or standard tests, these are statistical tests which make certain assumptions about the parameters of the full population from which the sample is taken; it is assumed, for example, that the data show a normal distribution, and that, where populations are compared, they show the same variance.

It is safe to assume a flight attendant ...

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Parametric or nonparametric statistical processes