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Death, Dying, and Grieving after Hurricane Katrina

Hi Marcel,

There was a problem that you had helped me with, posted November 26, 2012 titled Death, Dying, and Grieving, post #515014. You stated that "I do not believe that our beliefs toward this stage of development has changed much due to Katrina, for the reason that there have been many catastrophes before Katrina that have helped to provide us with the development of a concrete belief system towards this stage of development, due to our observations over time."

I understand that you did not think Katrina contributed to the development stages.

What would be the action(s) or human behavior that you think would warrant the consideration of this developmental stage?


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The actions or human behavior that I think would warrant consideration of this development stage would be any dramatic changes in the reactions that individuals displayed toward catastrophic conditions such as Katrina. If individuals tended to change the intensity by which they grieved over such a situation, then there would be ...