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Affecting Social Change as a Scholar-Practitioner

We know that culture influences human development, identity and personality, attitudes and beliefs, and healthcare. As a scholar-practitioner, how would you create a positive social change? In doing so, reflect on your future role as a scholar-practitioner. How does the impact of culture on human psychology help us develop as a scholar-practitioner, dedicated to positive social change?

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Most social changes that have happened in the past began with the strong belief of one individual and the willingness to share that view in a passionate positive way that invokes the same passion in others. Let's take for example, Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a minister with a dream and a vision for how he thought the world ...

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A discussion regarding how a scholar-practitioner can create positive social change and how the impact of culture on human psychology further developes the role of the scholar-practitioner. 234 words.