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City concessions for mall builder

You believe your opinion is in the best interest of your constituents when considering concessions from the city for the large mall builder to come to Townscape and build a new mega-mall in town.

Share your opinion with the other council members on the Discussion Board the political ramifications, pros and cons of such a new venture as well as the changes that may be needed within the current bureaucracy in the city.

Make one post highlighting the pros and the cons of such an undertaking. Be thoughtful of your position and not just agree with another council member's position. Your posting should include some of the key elements that you uncovered in the research to help substantiate your opinion. Support your content with at least three (3) primary research sources.

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I am going to give you some of the highlights of what I believe you should mention. While not a complete list, it will give you some options about where to go further with your ideas. I included two specific references at the end, but since I have no idea which areas you which to pursue, I did not include any more. This type of answer can take many forms and focus on many different aspects of the situation.

The Pros and cons of a city making concessions are many and varied. When a community offers concessions, it usually means a temporary loss of income in the form of tax incentives, or changes in codes that do not apply to others. The disadvantage of such losses can be considered as a deterrent or as many communities have considered it, a plan for improvements in the future. The cons for citizens may be the size and ugliness that some malls can bring. Malls tend to charge more for goods and services because the rent is higher. Mall renters pay premium prices for space because shoppers are in one place and can view many different stores without driving from place to place. Malls provide advertising and many amenities. The larger the mall, the more stores can be included. It is in the size of the mall that many of the pros are also included.
For the community there is more choice of goods and services in a single place. This means less driving and time getting things done. A mall provides opportunities for small businesses and large businesses to be in a single place where shoppers who are looking for variety can come and see different consumer goods available. There is the added attraction of having people visiting one store also seeing others, and possibly visiting out of curiosity. Malls also provide many jobs, from construction related to sales and cleaning. Positions from skilled labor to unskilled labor mean income for many different types of people and on many income levels. Construction provides work for designers and drafting personnel to the builder and his crews. These crews include professionals and skilled labor as well as unskilled laborers and students. Once the mall is open there are jobs for professionals, sales personnel, cooks, servers, stock persons, cleaning crews, security, parking valets, and a myriad ...

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A discussion on the concessions a city may make for a developer along with the pros and cons of the mall and concessions.