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Work and Energy: Speed of block, maximum compression of spring, block rebounds

On an incline a 2.00 kg block is released 4.00m from a long spring with a force constant k= 60.0 N/m that is attached at the bottom of the incline. The incline makes the angle of 53 degrees with the horizontal, and the coefficients of friction between the block and the incline are u static = .40 and uk= .20.

a) what is the speed of the block just before it reaches the spring?

b.) what will be the maximum compression of the spring?

c.) the block rebounds back up the incline. How close does it get to its initial position?

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work done by the block against the friction to move 4 m along the plane
Wf = uk*m*g*cos(53) = 0.2*2*9.8*0.6 = 2.352 J
work done by the gravity Wg = m*g*sin(53) = 2*9.8*0.8 = 15.68 J
Net gain of K.E. energy = Wg - Wf = 15.68 - 2.352 = 13.328 J
this gain of K.E. enegy will provide the velocity to ...

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