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Magnetism - Sliding mass with charge

A body of mass m and charge +q slides down a frictionless slope inclined at an angle theta to the horizontal. A magnetic field B is directed across the slope and into the paper as on the diagram.

a) Draw a clear free-body diagram for the body as it moves with velocity v down the slope. Indicate all the forces acting on the charged mass.
b) By resolving the forces, show that the speed v at which the body leaves the slope is given by v = mgcos(theta)/qB
c) if m - 1mg, theta = 60 degrees, q =1, and B = 0.841T, what is the velocity when the mass breaks contact with the slope?
d) If the body starts to slide down the slope from rest, what distance d does it travel down the slope before leaving the slope?

(See attached document as reference)


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