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Coefficient of friction: What is the value of force F; calculate total work done

See attached diagram.

Q. A block of mass 60 Kg has an initial momentum of 100kg.m/sec travelling from A to B on a surface of coefficient of friction of 0.4. A force F is applied to stop the block. It took the force 4 seconds to bring the block to rest at point B.

1. What is the value of force F if the angle of top theta= 30 degrees.
2. If the block, after coming to rest at B, slipped along BC, what is the velocity at C. ignore the friction along the surface BC and assume the bottom theta is 45 degrees.
3. Calculate the total work done through the journey.(assume gravity=10m/sec^2)


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With detailed explanations, the problem is solved expect for part 2 which is incomplete.