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Description of Work, energy and motion

uniform Circular Motion
Potential Energry
Work Kinetic Energy
Conservation of Engery
Work by External Forces
Newtons Laws 1,2,3

I need your help on what are the main things i would need to know from those areas in-order to solve relating problems

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Uniform Circular Motion

(1)Velocity is continiously changing as the direction of velocity is changing. The Speed of the mass remains constant (speed = |velocity|)
2. The centripetal force is keeping the mass in its path and is given by, F = mv^2/R
3. If a mass m tied to the end of a string is whirled in a vertical circle, the tension in the string wiil be max at the bottom and minimum at the top

T = centripetal force - mg (min)

4. Tangential acceleration is zero in ...

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