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7 Multiple Choice questions from general physics.

Physics assignment (please explain your answers.)
Multiple choice

1. When you stand on one foot
a. Your centre of mass will be directly above that foot
b. Your centre of mass will be directly above the other foot
c. Your centre of mass will be directly above a point equidistant between your two feet.
d. Your rotational inertia will be 0.

2. Most suitable for measuring the external diameter of a test tube is a
a. Micrometer screw gauge
b. Verneir caliper
c. metre rule
d. set square

3. If a cars brakes are applied to bring it to rest, the kinetic energy of the car is mostly changed into
a. Heat
b. Sound
c. Friction
d. Potential energy

4. In an experiment, five identical bags of rice are balanced by a 10 kg mass. Two bags of rice are added to the other five. What mass will now balance the bags?
a. 3.5kg
b. 7.0kg
c. 10kg
d. 14kg

5. The density of the substance P is 0.8 times the density of water. Which of the following statements are true.
a. The relative density of P is 0.8 kg/m3.
b. P will float in water.
c. If a given volume of water is of mass 5 kg, an equal volume of P will have a mass of 4kg.

6 A scientist records that the electric current through a transistor is 0.060A. How many significant
Figures does this reading have
a. 4
b. 3
c. 2
d. 1

7 A bus with luggage on the top is more likely to tip over when rounding a corner than the same bus without the luggage. The reason for this is that the luggage
a. Increase the weight of the bus
b. Raises the centre of gravity of the bus
c. Lowers the centre of gravity of the bus
d. Increases the momentum.

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