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work done by the force and kinetic energy

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1. A 5.0kg object is pulled along a horizontal surface at a constant speed by a 15N force acting 20 degrees above the horizontal. How much work is done by this force as the object moves 6.0 m?

2. A 4.0 kg block is lowered down a 37 degrees incline a distance of 5.0m from point A to point B. A horizontal force (F = 10N) is applied to the block between A and B as shown in the figure. The kinetic energy of the block at A is 10 J and at B it is 20 J. How much work is done on the block by the force of friction between A and B?

3. THe horizontal surface on which the block slides is frictionless. THe speed of the block before it touches the spring is 6.0 m/s. How fast is the block moving at the instant the spring has been comprised 15 cm?


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